Mike Biles was elected unanimously as President of King Alfred Probus Club at the recent Annual General Meeting held on the 19 April 2019. Our new President pledged to consolidate the work of the immediate past-President and move the Club forward in an orderly manner. Reflecting the all embracing vision he spoke of the strengths brought to the club by women and men.

Welcome From The President

I would like to take this opportunity to warmly welcome all visitors to our website and especially to ladies who are visiting for the first time. I would like to encourage you to contact either me or the club Secretary to discuss potential membership or just download an application form and send it to us. We shall be pleased to invite you to one of our meetings.

King Alfred Probus Club was founded in 1988 and represents a vibrant community of retired and semi-retired professionals who meet once a month to share fellowship over a good meal and listen to an interesting talk from an invited speaker.

The Club also has an active programme of events, outings and tours organised by our Social Secretary and has links to other clubs and organisations. You are welcome to explore the information on this site including the detail of the meetings and speakers.

Technology has become an important part of our lives and the Club has embraced it to foster greater outreach to its members and to the community at large. We plan to extend this in the coming months with the introduction of a free email newsletter to promote our activities. You are welcome to subscribe to this free newsletter by following the link below.

Mike Biles
President. 2019-20

President 2019-20


Next Meeting:

18 December 2019

"International Education And Leadership"


Summary Of Talk

With ever increasing globalisation (the integration of national economies through trade, investment, capital flow, labour migration and technology) the growth of International Education has become huge both in terms of providing a service for expatriates working overseas and in creating wealth, as International Education has become big business all over the world.

Visit Hong-Kong, Singapore, Bangkok, Beijing, Delhi, Dubai, Vienna, Geneva (for example) and you will find a melting pot of foreign nationals all working together in multi-national companies, international agencies and embassies. These workers all need schools for their families.

My talk will be about my experience with International Education with particular reference to teaching and leadership in two International Schools, one in Bangkok and one in Vienna.

During the talk I will touch on international school culture, diversity, language of learning, teaching and learning, curriculum and the leadership of multi-national student, parent and staff communities.

Jenny McLaughlin


Brief CV

University of London
Rachel MacMillan College of Education – qualified as a teacher

The University of Bath
Master of Arts In Education

I spent forty years in Primary Education initially as a classroom teacher in State schools in England and in Forces schools in Germany. Then I progressed into school leadership in Wiltshire becoming a Deputy Head and later a Primary School Head Teacher.

In 2000 I moved into International Education in School Principal roles. I worked in two International Schools, one in Bangkok and one in Vienna for a total of sixteen years.


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  • Hampshire Police Control Centre
  • Tursten Gardens Summer Visit
  • Tursten Gardens Summer Visit
  • Visit to Nice, France
  • Vist to Nice, France
  • IBM Hursley House Winchester
  • Hampshire Fire and Rescue HQ
  • Photographic Walk (copyright Martin Eke)

Visits And Outings

Examples of trips and outings to local attractions are included in our programme each year. Some highlights are shown here.

Members have a very enjoyable time and in many instances a company will entertain us to lunch during the visit.