Next Meeting:

17 February 2021


"A Policeman's Lot Can Be Quite An Interesting One"

Neil Sadler

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Brief CV

Neil spent 30 years as a Police Officer. He started off “on the beat” in the exotic holiday resort of Bognor Regis in the 1970’s.

Summary Of Talk

As one might expect there are many aspects of the work of a Policeman. To illustrate the talk the following issues will be taken as key focus points.

1. You may be amazed whom he met on his first night shift at 03.00 am.

2. Changes in Police equipment and why not to be squirted with pepper spray.

3. Where NOT to try to escape the traffic cops.

4. A novel use for a Policeman’s Helmet.

5. Together with a theme tune a musical quiz to get those grey cells working!